a thoughtfully designed weekend.
Elmley Nature Reserve, Kent, UK
13th - 15th March, 2020

What is it?

Downtime is a weekend retreat, set 1 hour by train from central London.

The goal of the weekend is to provide guests with a rare chance to spend quality time far removed from surface distractions, tube stations, stress and city strife.  
An opportunity to relax, as well as a place to find inspiration, clarity, stillness, reflection and contemplation.

To help things along, we’ve created an opt-in programme of events and a few simple rules (like turn off your phone). 

You’ll be in complete control of your time here. Want to sleep in? No worries. Want to skip yoga? Fine. Want to do everything? Go for it. Spend time with like minded-people or take yourself off to a quiet corner. 
There’s nothing particularly special about the weekend. No tricks, no hacks, no one trying to sell you on anything. Just all stuff you know you should do more of; being in nature, stretching, being creative, breathing fresh air, eating better quality food, spending more time away from your screens and more time being present.

The weekend is held at the beautiful Elmley Nature Reserve, the only National Nature Reserve in the U.K you can stay overnight.