a thoughtfully designed weekend.
Elmley Nature Reserve, Kent, UK
13th - 15th March, 2020


“Just what I was looking for - a chance to spend some quality time thinking, reflecting and recharging. The weekend was perfectly planned, with every little detail considered. The space, the food and the people were fantastic in equal measure and all added to what was a very rewarding and fulfilling weekend.” - Emily - 27

“Downtime was a incredible experience overall. It has really changed my mind about doing retreats and the importance of investing on spending time for yourself.” - Sarah - 32

“Excellent weekend in a beautiful location, with good food, lovely people, no technology and the right amount of downtime. Space to read, think, eat healthily, be creative, walk and chat - what every weekend should be like, really. Thanks so much, can't wait for the next one!” - Andy, 33